Does a doctor have to take workers comp insurance?

No - a doctor or other medical provider can't be forced to take workers compensation insurance to pay for medical treatment someone needs after an injury at work.  That's up to the doctor or the group he works for, of course.

Most physicians who treat injuries, like orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and pain management specialists accept workers comp insurance in the D.C. area.  But the rates vary in D.C., Maryland and Virginia (and other states as well).

Sometimes it is hard to find a specialist who is not used to treating work injuries to accept workers comp, like an ENT or dentist, for example.  And it can be difficult of the injured worker moves out of state and the medical provders aren't familiar with the D.C. workers compensation system and reimbursements.

If you're having trouble getting a doctor to accept workers compensation after an injury at work, just give us a call and we can answer any specific questions you have over the phone.  The call is free and confidential, of course.