Can my employer fire me if I file for workers compensation in D.C. after an injury at work?


Workers compensation is designed to protect injured workers when they get hurt on the job.  In practice, it doesn't always work that way, as we all know.   Insurance companies will contest almost everything - try to send you to their doctors, make you file in the wrong place so they can pay you less in benefits, have a nurse case manager interfering with your medical care...the list goes on and on.  After 20 years I think I've seen all of it.

But here's what your employer can't do - fire you for filing a workers compensation claim.  That's retaliatory discharge and its against the law.

A lot of people are worried about getting fired after a serious injury.  That's understandable.  But don't make a bad situation worse by not filing a workers compensation claim (and understanding your rights so you file it in the right place, get medical care from a doctor with your best interest at heart and get the right amount of benefits every week).