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We just talked to an electrician about his employer, a large corporation, making it hard on him to file for workers compensation benefits after an injury at work in D.C.

Here's how they do it.  And some of this is driven by their insurance companies.

First, they say "don't worry about it.  We'll give you all the time you need to go to the doctor (a doctor the company chooses) and we'll handle the paperwork."

Or they say, "you've had an injury in the past - why don't you just have your health insurance take care of it."  Or, "that's not a serious injury, just let it go."

Then they give you a hard time about time off to go to the doctor (to get treatment for an injury they are legally responsible for).  They try to push it off on you.

Don't let them.  Here's why:

They are creating defenses - manufacturing ways they can deny or delay paying benefits to workers with legitimate work injuries.  They want to make their workers uncomfortable about reporting an injury.  Why? So they can later deny a legitimate injury because it wasn't reported right away. Or they create an atmosphere where you don't want to go to the doctor or miss time from work - so you don't give your injuries a chance to heal, and they get worse.

What then? They say it can't be that bad because you didn't get much medical you must be "milking" it.

Do the right thing for yourself and your family after a work injury.  Get the information, expertise and advice you need before the insurance company uses your inexperience against you (remember, they have thousands of cases they have handled and absolutely no duty to you or your family).

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