There are several differences between short-term disability and long-term disability if you become disabled while working for a DC employer or have a personal long term disability policy.

Many employers offer a short term disability as part of their overall benefits package. While the length of time someone can be on short term disability varies, it is typically somewhere between 13 weeks and six months. Usually, the short term disability benefits are actually provided by the employer; however,Most employers have a and insurance company like guardian, Lincoln, Unum, etc. administer the plan.
This means you will be dealing with a disability claims adjuster in trying to prove your claim for short term disability. Usually, applying for short term disability benefits in DC, or anywhere else, is a relatively straightforward process. Most insurance, online forms to complete and submit.
Like with long-term disability benefits, it is critical to have your doctors‘s support for your disability. Your doctor should say that you cannot work and give you specific limitations and restrictions that prevent you from doing your job. You will need to provide updated medical records and forms for your physicians to complete and submit to the short term disability carrier.
Once you are awarded short-term disability benefits, the benefits will vary according to your short term disability plan in DC or elsewhere. Typically, short term disability pays 60% of your income but there is usually a cap on the total amount per week.
After successfully receiving short term disability benefits, under most plans, you will be automatically considered for long term disability benefits once the short term disability benefits run out.
And this will be a completely separate consideration by the disability insurance company. There will be a separate long term disability insurance policy, sometimes with a different standard and terms and conditions you need to comply with.
Under the long-term disability plan, the insurance company, whether it’s Unumb, Hartford, the guardian, lincoln, etc. is now paying the benefits. So it is the long term disability insurance company that will determine whether you receive those disability benefits. It is also a separate determination.
In many cases, long-term disability benefits will be denied after short term disability benefits have been paid. Again, the disability insurance company will undertake a separate review of your long-term disability claim in DC.
That’s why it is important to have an experienced long-term disability attorney guide you through this process.

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