Will Your Lawyers Come to My House if My Child has Cerebral Palsy or other Serious Injuries?

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I'm home all day with my child who has cerebral palsy and I can't leave him with just anyone. Do your attorneys do house calls?

The answer is, sometimes. Our attorneys have cases all over DC, Maryland and Virginia and it is possible to schedule a home visit with them.

We find that sometimes our most productive

work sessions are with people in their own environment. 

If you have a child with serious injuries, and it's hard to make it out to an appointment, don't worry, we've got you covered. We can arrange for either a video phone call, or a home visit.

Here at Donahoe Kearney we have some of the best resources and guides for children and families of children with special needs and we love to make them available to those who need them.

Do you have a child with special needs and you want information, but it’s going to be really tough for you to come out to our offices? Shoot an email to Brooke Birkey to see if there is a chance that Frank Kearney or Keith Donahoe will be in your area to drop by for a visit, or else to set up a video conference where you can speak with us directly without leaving your home and your child. Call or email at 202-393-3320, or [email protected]

*attorneys travel periodically for other cases and may be able to see you. Video conferencing is also available for those unable to travel.


This up and coming publication “Capture the Moment” is designed to give you an at-a-glance guide to information and potential resources for your child but it’s so hot it’s not even on the presses yet. Pre-order yours at [email protected] SUBJECT LINE “Capture the Moment.”

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