I know you help children affected by medical mistakes at D.C. hospitals. Do you also help adult patients in medical malpractice cases?

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Not only do we represent children with paralysis, cerebral palsy and other serious medical conditions caused by preventable medical mistakes in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, we also represent adult patients affected by medical malpractice and families of patients who have died because of medical mistakes.

Some of the medical issues in our cases have involved Emergency Room care, pulmonary embolism, failure to diagnose cancer, cardiac care, and anesthesia errors.  The catastrophic injuries - paralysis, loss of a limb, damage to the brain causing a loss of the ability to move, speak and eat, as well as death - are often caused by a series of medical mistakes.

Medical malpractice can be caused by doctors not communicating with each other, not telling the patient about a diagnosis, not reviewing test results, discharging the patient without an examination, not bringing in a consultant or specialist, and many other reasons.

Sadly, in a hospital or HMO setting, malpractice is often part of a systems error - where the hospital or HMO doesn't have any safeguards or procedures to catch and prevent medical mistakes.  In many cases, we see that mistakes get repeated or several mistakes contribute to the injury or death.

For more information on medical malpractice in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, order one of the free guides or reports we've published or call us at (202) 393-3320.  We set aside time every week to talk to people, for free, and in confidence to try to give them information. 

But don't wait to call - these cases require investigation and there are time limits and procedural requirements you must follow for any case against a hospital, HMO or doctor involving malpractice. 

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