Is medical malpractice the cause of my child’s developmental delays?

When a child first comes into this world, he or she has to learn everything - communication, sitting up, eating, crawling, walking, grasping small objects, understanding his or her name and  many other milestones. Usually, we expect our children will learn these skills as time goes on, when they are developmentally ready to do so.

But what if your child isn’t meeting his or her developmental milestones? 

Signs of developmental delays could be problems with movement, language, or thought—for example, not reacting to loud noises or struggling to reach and grasp toys. If your child has trouble with these or can't do them at the time she should be able to, talk to her doctor about it. Keep a record of your child’s development progress and what he or she struggles with. Take videos and pictures—it will help you remember everything and give the best information to your doctor.

These types of delays could be a sign that something went wrong at birth – and sometimes these delays are the first sign of a condition like cerebral palsy.   If there was an infection or something else that caused  a lack of oxygen for the child, the child’s brain could have been damaged. Sometimes an infection isn’t detected in time or the nurses didn’t take the necessary steps during a complication when the mother was in labor, or the residents or interns didn’t get the attending physician when the baby was in distress.

The doctor and nurses probably won’t tell you everything, but what if medical malpractice could be the cause of your child’s developmental delays?

If you suspect your child was injured before or during the time of birth, take action. Call us at (202) 393-3320 to talk to us about your child’s needs. Even if medical malpractice may not be the cause of your child’s developmental delays, we can give you information and connect you to resources that can help your child.