How To Tell If You Have A Workers Compensation Case After CoronavirusDC Workers Compensation After Having Coronavirus

There are a couple things that are really important when it comes to a workers compensation case after catching Coronavirus. What really matters is 1) did you catch the Coronavirus at work; and 2). Is your illness keeping you out of work; and 3). does your doctor agree you can't work?

1. Did You Catch The Coronavirus At Work?

In order for your case to be eligible for workers compensation, you have to had caught the virus at work. While there's no definitive way to make sure you caught the Coronavirus at work, generally claims are being accepted if you are reasonably certain you caught it at work. For example, if one co-worker tested positive and you were in contact with that co-worker. Or multiple co-workers tested positive. Or if you work in healthcare and you were on the COVID floor. If any of these things happened your case is likely to be accepted. 

2). Is Your Illness Keeping You Out Of Work? 

If you had COVID and had to quarantine for two weeks but you are basically fine and went back to work after quarantine, you probably don't want to bother with workers compensation. But if you had an underlying condition, such as a pulmonary condition or hypertension, and even after quarantine you aren't able to perform the essential duties of your job, you will want to file for workers compensation. If you are going to be out of work for an extended period of time, workers compensation can cover you with money benefits and pay for your ongoing medicad treatment.

3). Does Your Treating Physician Agree You Can't Work, And Relate The Virus To Your Job?

As it is with any DC workers compensation case, your doctor must agree you can't work and relates the catching of the Coronavirus to your job. You must provide documentation from the doctor to this effect, so don't leave your treating physician's office without that work note and make a plan to get the progress notes once they are ready.

If You Check Of These Three Things, You Should Probably File For Workers Compensation in Washington, DC

You can use DC workers compensation insurance to replace 2/3 of your income and pay for your medical treatment if you were injured and regularly work in Washington, DC. Don't delay in contacting our experienced workers compensation lawyers, who can help you get started and keep you covered unil you get better. Contact our experienced workers compensation lawyers today at 202-393-3320.

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