Contingency Fees In DC, Maryland And Virginia 

Contingency Fees For Medical Malpractice in DC, MD and VA

We hear this question a lot - most people want to know right up front if you're going to be charging them by the hour. In fact they expect it, so sometimes we find that people are wary to accept consultations because they think somehow we are going to charge them for it. A lot of lawyers do - we are not like most lawyers. We would never, ever charge you without telling you about it first. 

Medical Malpractice Fees

We don't normally charge an hourly rate for medical malpractice cases. In fact, we don't charge a fee in any serious injury case unless we win or settle your case. Which means that we don't get paid unless you get paid. There is no risk to you, no upfront payment, no retainer. That's simply how it works. It's called a contingency fee.

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

There are a lot of factors and reasons why we choose to get paid by contingency but it comes down to our experience, confidence, expertise with the medicine and most of all, our commitment and desire to help people who have been severely injured. 

What Are The Stages Of A Medical Malpractice Claim?

The first stage is: reviewing medical records. We will review your records first to see if you have a case - and remember, that is different than the evaluation of a person. Most of the time we will ask you to send them to us for review via email, US mail, or fax. Or we might ask you to come in and bring them.  Or if you don't have them, we arrange to get them for you.

The second stage is: full-on investigation. We will have you sign a medical release and we will unleash our own resources in order to investigate your case. That will probably include medical research, consultations with appropriate experts in the field, reviewing medical literature and studies, and working with you to determine what happened and why. 

We have a system of evaluating everything for you so that you can get answers, information and make the best decisions for you and your family.  Part of that analysis is the strengths and weaknesses of a case - and we are very selective with the medical malpractice cases that we take because we want to do everything we can to put you in the best position to get a meaningful recovery.  We don't want to put anyone through litigation unless it will make a difference in their lives.

The third stage is: filing the case with the appropriate courts. Once we are sure that the medical records support the case and we have experts lined up to testify, we will file the case.

From there it is a long haul of discovery, depositions, and other types of litigation documents and processes. We will be leading you every step of the way and prepare you for every meeting. The case will take years to progress but don't worry - we have an excellent track record. And we will keep pushing forward, supporting you every step of the way. And when the case eventually settles or we win the case in court, you will be happy that you put in the long hours and kept with it, even in the face of the uncertainty and the risk.

So, no matter what kind of case you have don't worry about it. We will help you figure out if you have a case and if we end up taking your case, we will fight aggressively to win your case. That's just the kind of lawyers we are.

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