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Light duty in workers compensation is confusing.  Every workers compensation insurance company seems to handle light duty differently, and sometimes it depends on the adjuster as well.

Once you're hurt on the job and can't do your regular work because of the injury, but your doctor says you can return to work on restricted duty, light duty or with some restrictions, in D.C. your company can either accommodate those restrictions or continue to pay your workers compensation benefits in the form of temporary total disability.

Some companies will "make up" a light duty job for you and others are adamant that they don't have light duty.  and if you're working light duty you should be paid your regular wages or salary, or they need to make up any difference by paying workers comp benefits in the form of temporary partial disability.

You also need to make sure the light duty job is actually within your doctor's restrictions.

There is a lot to know and do to protect yourself with any serious injury.  Don't guess or hope you do the right thing.  Get the answers you need by ordering a free copy of the only book written just for workers hurt on the job in the D.C. area - its the Ultimate Guide to D.C. workers compensation.

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