Can I Sue For Malpractice for My Daughter's Cerebral Palsy?

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What a child with cerebral palsy due to malpractice is entitled to.

In the District of Columbia, a child with cerebral palsy due to a birth injury, or a child injured by another person's negligence, can get money damages to make up for the harms and losses they suffered through a medical malpractice case in DC against the hospital or doctor that caused the child's cerebral palsy - usually because the baby was not delivered in time, or there was a misdiagnosis that led to the baby's being premature and suffering from cerebral palsy or other developmental delays due to being born prematurely.

Some of those harms and losses a child with cerebral palsy may have are:

  • the cost of future medical care and treatment, 
  • the cost of modifying your home to make it accessible, safe and comfortable for your child,
  • the cost of a nurse to come in and help take care of the child,
  • the cost of motorized wheelchairs or scooters,
  • the cost of a handicap accessible van, 
  • the income she lost since she will never work as an adult

These are only the harms and losses we can put a price tag on - and for a child with severe cerebral palsy, these costs will continue for the rest of her life, so that the resources to take care of her are critical to her safety and well being, especially since she will probably outlive her parents.  There are other harms of course, like pain, suffering, disfigurement, enjoyment of the loss of life and other damages she is entitled to as well. 

Since every child with cerebral palsy is unique, no two children will have the exact same harms and losses.  For a great guide on some of the things available in the DC area that kids with cerebral palsy can often benefit from, order our free, no obligation guide for parents by clicking on the below or calling us at (202) 393 - 3320.