My friend's child has cerebral palsy and she thinks it's because the doctor waited too long to deliver the baby. Can you help?

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Cerebral palsy is considered one of the most common motor disorders in children today. Cerebral palsy can occur when there is no malpractice or medical mistake made by health care providers. But, medical mistakes can cause cerebral palsy, too  and they often do

In fact, cerebral palsy can be directly related to medical mistakes when the hospital, doctors, interns, residents and nurses don't follow established patient safety rules.  Unfortunately, as medical malpractice lawyers in D.C., we've seen the devastating effects cerebral palsy can have on a child and family.  

And we've represented families and special needs children against many hospitals in the D.C. area, get families the resources they need and to hold hospitals and healthcare providers accountable, so they follow patient safety rules the next time and don't hurt someone else.

You can read about how we helped one family in a similar situation here. 

Here are some common reasons for cerebral palsy:

1) Failure to monitor fetal and maternal distress

2) Failure to diagnose - or a misdiagnosis of an issue

3) Failure to identify umbilical cord problems 

and these can laso lead to another problem:

4) Delay in delivering the infant

It's hard to know if your infant has cerebral palsy due to a medical mistake. Want specific answers that will help get your family back on track? Still have questions about cerebral palsy or medical malpractice? Check to see if we've answered any of them in our FAQs or in our blogs on our website.

Know someone with a special needs child that would benefit from our list of resources in the area? Call us today for our FREE Resource Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves: A Parent's Guide to Resources

When a child suffers cerebral palsy because of medical errors, the responsible party should be liable for damages - and those damages can last a life time.  So we focus on your special needs child and your family, to do everything we can to make your child's life better.  

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself how we investigate and prepare a case and how that lead to a D.C. medical malpractice verdict that changed a young man's life.  

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