Players for the Nationals, like professional athletes playing for other Washington, D.C. teams are eligible for workers compensation benefits if they get hurt.

A lot of people don't agree with that.

They think that because pro athletes get paid to play a game or sport, and make so much money, they should not be entitled to workers comp benefits in D.C. when they get hurt in a game or practice.  After all, injuries are part of the game, right? That's what they signed up for, right?

They're wrong.  Here's why:

Most professional players have been working for their career since grade school.  What does that really mean?  The pro players we've represented have made a lot of sacrifices and choices to get where they are today.  Many have moved from team to team, city to city, more times than they can remember while working their way up to the big leagues.

In your job, you probably have a lot of control over how you live your life away from work.  You eat what you want, when you want. Exercise (or not) depending on your schedule and what you feel like doing.

Make a mistake at work? Who sees that? Your boss, a few co-workers?  It's probably not on Sports Center's Not Top Ten plays.

Plus does your continued employment depend on winning and other things that are out of your control? I don't mean just doing a good job, I mean winning - consistently winning for your employer and constantly beating out the competition for your job.  And is there a long line of workers begging for a shot at taking your job?

Washington Nationals and other Pro Athletes in DC Deserve Workers Comp Benefits

Major league players (and all pro athletes for that matter) have short careers.  Many of them move frequently between the minor leagues and major leagues.  And if you're playing in the major leagues for just a few months, weeks, or even days, you're only getting major league pay pro-rated for your time in the big leagues.

So for thousands of pro athletes who play in DC, they won't make a ton of money over their careers, or they may have years of going back and forth between the minors and the big leagues.  Nats' pitcher Paolo Espino is a great example of this - he got his first major league win recently at age 34.

D.C. workers compensation benefits are designed to help workers who get hurt on the job and can't work or have permanent injuries - and members of the Nats or any other pro team are no different.  Plus, their job is extremely high risk for serious injuries.  Many players will suffer career ending injuries or permanent injuries they have to deal with for the rest of their lives.  

And after all, it's a business.  So players need to protect themselves when they get injured.

We guide players through the complicated workers comp system in D.C.

If you were injured playing for the Nats, we can help you stand up to the MLB and their insurance companies.  The legal and insurance system in Washington, D.C. is complicated and time consuming, but we make it easy for you.

Plus, we stick to exactly what we know (we actually wrote the book on D.C. workers compensation).  We're not agents, we don't do contracts, endorsements or anything your agent does and we don't compete with them - in fact, we work with your agent every step of the way to maximize your benefits.  A lot of the time, agents call us with questions on workers comp laws and injury settlements.

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