Can Nats' players get workers comp for their baseball injuries?

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After the World Series victory, the Washington Nationals and their fans, are still celebrating.  What a great run.

But what happens to players, pro athletes in any sport in DC, who play professionally and get hurt?  It's easy to forget that so many players toil for years, paying their dues in the minor leagues, working their way up, the sacrifices they have made for years (and some never get a shot).  Many pro athletes don't have long term guaranteed contracts.

And pro careers are short to begin with.  So what does a pro player do when an injury cuts his career short, or severely limits it?

That's where we come in.  You see, professional athletes in D.C. (in all sports) are entitled to workers comp benefits, just like every other person who works in DC.  Our practice focuses on people who are seriously hurt when their wage earning potential is at its highest point.  We work hard to educate workers who may not know they can get workers comp benefits - how could they?  Pro players, and other people at the top of their field, are too busy to even consider this. 

We find a lot of players don't know that they can get benefits for permanent injuries even after they retire.  

We're not agents - we only focus on maximizing your injury case - but we will work with your agent, keeping both you and him informed.  And we have the only lawyer who literally wrote the book on D.C. workers compensation. 

If you're a pro athlete hurt playing for a team in D.C., call us at (202) 393 - 3320 for a confidential, no charge, no obligation assessment of your specific injury.


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