Working While Receiving Workers Compensation Benefits

It's not uncommon for injured workers to consider changing occupations or career paths after a serious work accident. Maybe you want to find a job in a lower-risk industry or perhaps you've suffered a permanent injury that physicaly will not allow you to return to your previous job. Either way, you might be asking yourself how this will impact your workers compensation claim with the insurance company and if your workers comp benefits will continue. 

The short answer is yes - you can change occupations while on workers compensation. However, before starting a new job you should be discussing your injuries and current abilities with your doctor to ensure you're physically able to start a new position. 

Talking To Your Doctor About Your Physical Restrictions Before Taking A New Job 

While there are many reasons, both financial and personal, that may make a new job appealing, you want to remember that returning to work too soon could hurt your recovery progress or even keep you from fully recovering. That is why it's important to talk with your doctor to discuss your work restrictions and your ability to handle a light duty position. 

If your doctor has cleared to to go back to work on light duty but your current employer doesn't have a position within your restrictions, finding alternative employment may be a possible solution. 

If You Are Considering Other Or Additional Employment, It's Important To Understand That:

  1. Your benefits cannot be canceled solely because you change jobs
  2. Your benefits cannot be canceled if you accept light-duty work that pays a reduced salary
  3. Your benefits cannot be canceled solely because you take a different, lesser-paying job

Your weekly workers compensation benefits should continue until you are released by your doctor to return to your regular job or you start another job making more money than you were before the work injury.

Contact An Experienced D.C. Worker's Compensation Attorney

Anyone receiving a partial wage for too long can start to experience financial trouble. Settling your worker's compensation case and receiving a large lump sum may also be an option to help you financially recover after a work injury. 

Our attorneys have decades of experience of helping thousands of injured workers navigate this complicated system. We are prepared to help you with each step of your claim, including if your claim was initially denied or if the insurance company has reached out regarding settlement. We make it easy to get started and promise to provide you with the information you need quickly. Call us today at 202-393-3320 to schedule your completely free, no obligation consultation.

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