Can filing your D.C. workers compensation case in Maryland or Virginia cost you hundreds of dollars per week?

Absolutely it can.

Filing your workers compensation case in the wrong state can cost you hundreds of dollars - every single week! 

You see, all states (or at least Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia) have maximum compensation rates.  That means that if you are a high wage earner, a union worker, professional, athlete, or have been working a lot of overtime before your injury, you could be at that maximum compensation rate and not get 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage.

Here's the thing insurance companies don't want you to know...

The maximum rate in D.C. is much higher than Maryland or Virginia.  So your benefits will be much higher.  And here's the catch - if you accept benefits in another state, you can't come back and get them in D.C. for the same injury.  So you can't even get the difference between the maximum compensation rates.

Unfair?  It sure is.

Here's what you have to do.  Don't sign any forms the insurance adjuster, safety man, your boss, or anyone else gives you until you talk to us or read this book  Protect Your Rights:  The Ultimate Guide to D.C. Workers Compensation.

Your co-workers, family and friends may all have advice and mean well, but don't make the mistake that will cost you and your family hundreds of dollars per week.

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