According to the US Census Bureau, DC has one of the highest percentages of commuters who travel by bicycle. People are also using bikes more these days as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Cutting on gas and getting healthy is a win-win!

DC's popular Bikeshare program and the maintenance happening on the Metro lines in DC (SafeTrack is still a factor in DC) has also contributed to the uptick in bicyclists on our road. With all these changes in transportation happening in our city, bicyclists are on our road even more. Unfortunately, that means that the chances of getting into an accident go up with it. 

But, it's important to remember that bicyclists can also be liable for traffic accidents because they must obey the same traffic rules and laws as automobiles on the road. And when the driver behind the wheel of a car, bus, or truck isn't paying attention to the rules of the road and injures someone using a bicycle to get around, everyone on our roads suffer. 

So what happens after someone is seriously hurt in the accident? Like, who pays for the damage? And, will the other driver's insurance company pay for the medical bills? You can get the answer to these questions in our Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in the DC Metro Area. Order it online here or give us a call at 202-393-3320 to order your copy today.


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