As medical malpractice lawyers, do you help your clients find resources once their case is over.

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Absolutely - we tell our clients we are their lawyers for life.  After their medical malpractice case settles, we help them find the right specialists for their needs and what they want to do.  Sometimes that means a lawyer specializing in trusts or probate, or a structured settlement broker to get the best rates on annuities if that is part of the settlement.

For children with special needs, such as cerebral palsy or developmental delays, we published a handbook and list of resources for parents of special needs children, Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves, a handbook full of ideas, programs and resources in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  Health care, social security, respite care, camps and much more is included.  And we send it to parents of special needs children for free - it doesn't matter what the cause of the child's disability or whether they were our client.

We provide these "extras" because we can.  We've been fortunate to work for many parents caring for special needs children, and they've taught us a lot.  Rather than pour money into advertising for medical malpractice cases or run t.v. commercials telling you to call a lawyer if your child has cerebral palsy (not our style) we'd rather develop and publish information that can help you.

You can order a free copy of the resource guide on the website or by calling (202) 393-3320.