Don't Let The Insurance Company Bully You Into Speaking To A Nurse Case Manager

After a work injury in Washington, DC, you are not required to speak to the nurse case manager assigned to your claim by the insurance company. Assigning a nurse case manager to your case is one way insurance companies try to limit your benefits and deny paying for your medical treatment.

It's very common for a nurse case manager to try to steer an injured worker to be treated by specific doctors or healthcare providers. You need to be very careful about this. Travelers, or any other workers compensation insurance companies, would love for you to be treated by an insurance doctor.

An insurance doctor is a medical provider who is paid by the insurance company to conduct medical examinations on injured workers (think about whose side that doctor going to be on).

Your Nurse Case Manager Is Loyal To The Insurance Company, Not You

A lot of times, nurse case managers will be very friendly and it seems like they are helping you coordinate your doctor appointments and treatment. Sometimes, they will even attend your appointments with you and talk to the doctor for you - sounds good right?

WRONG. Remember, the nurse case manager works for the insurance company and her duty and loyalty is to her employer - not to you. 

When a nurse case manager tries to convince you that they need to attend your medical appointments or talk to your doctor without you, you should say no. They don’t need to do either of those things. The reason they want to talk to your doctor without you is because then they can try to bully your doctor into limiting your medical treatment or sending you back to work before you are ready and have recovered from your injuries.

Some nurse case managers will say you're required to allow them to do this, but that's not true either. But let’s face it, unless you have been through the workers compensation process before, there is no way for you to know whether the nurse case manager and adjuster are telling you the truth. 

You Need An Experienced D.C. Workers Compensation Lawyer To Help You Stand Up To The Insurance Company

All workers compensation insurance companies have entire teams of specialists working behind the scenes to deny your benefits and limit your medical treatment. The insurance has doctors, lawyers, nurse case managers, adjusters, and investigators who have handled hundreds of workers compensation claims.

For the people we represent, they never have to talk to a nurse case manager or insurance adjuster. We handle everything for our clients so all they have to focus on is getting better.  We do not allow nurse case managers or insurance adjusters to have any contact with our clients or any of their doctors.

We make it easy for you. We want you to focus on your recovery and getting back on your feet after a serious work injury. We help alleviate the constant stress of the worker's compensation process.  Give us a call today at 202-393-3320 to get started. 

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