The workers comp insurance adjuster says I have to give a recorded statement before I can get D.C. workers comp benefits. Is this true?

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Absolutely not.

What else did she tell you?  That you had to sign some forms before she could send  benefits check?  That you had to see a doctor on an approved list in D.C.?  That you should file your workers compensation claim in Maryland because you live there?

You don't have to (and shouldn't do) any of those things.

Here's the deal - the insurance company adjuster has handled hundreds if not thousands of workers compensation claims in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  She knows how to steer people hurt at work to file in the wrong state, or go to an insurance company doctor, or twist their words when giving a statment...

You've had one work injury and its serious enough that you may need workers compensation benefits.

Who knows more about the laws, practice and procedures of workers compensation?

The insurance adjuster's job is to make money for the insurance company.  It's not to take care of you and your family.

But there is help available.

Order one of our free guides to workers compensation, or better yet, read our book to find the answers to these and many more questions about what to do when you get hurt at work and need workers compensation benefits and stop you from making mistakes that will hurt you financially, medically and emotionally.


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