I've heard and read in the news that more people are dropping their car insurance because of the bad economy and more uninsured drivers are on the road. How does that affect someone who gets in an accident with a driver who doesn't have car insurance?

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It's true.  More and more people are going without automobile insurance as the economy continues to decline.  In many states, like Virginia, its perfectly legal not to carry automobile liability insurance.  What kind of driver doesn't carry car insurance or can't afford it?  Probably not a very good driver. 

That's why it is critical to protect yourself and your family by purchasing uninsured motorist coverage.  Now more than ever, the chances of being hit by an uninsured driver are greater than ever.  It will protect you and your family, and its not expensive coverage.

And if you get hit by a driver with a minimum policy - say $25,000.00 policy limits - uninsured motorist coverage will pay damages over and above the other driver's policy limits.  A serious injury requiring surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and rehabilitation will go through that  $25,000.00 pretty quickly.