What Is A Deposition? How Will You Prepare Me For That?

A deposition is an opportunity for the insurance company lawyers to ask you questions under oath. It doesn't happen in a courthouse, and it usually happens in an attorney's office, or some other mutually agreeable location. The insurance company will send their lawyer and they will ask you questions about almost anything related to your case. You will certainly be asked about prior injuries, past or present medical conditions, how your injury happened, the medical treatment and diagnosis you've received since being injured, whether you can work or how much you have lost in wages if you can no longer work, etc. They will also ask you a number of other questions depending on your unique case and your specific circumstances. 

For our clients, a deposition is nothing to be afraid of.

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We look at the deposition as an opportunity to educate the insurance company about the seriousness of your injury and what you and your family have been through. We have a very specific protocol for preparing our clients to testiy so they are confident and composed in the deposition. And, we are right there with them the whole way during the deposition, and of course more generally during the entirety of their case.

We expect your deposition to be taken in every serious injury case we file, so we start planning and preparing you for it even before your case is filed.

And the way we prepare you for this? Let's just say it's like everything else we do in our practice - it's completely different than the way everyone else does it.

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