A Maryland medical malpractice lawyer in Prince George's County told me my child's medical malpractice case involving her birth injury (she has cerebral palsy) at a Maryland hospital needed an expert on the issue of causation. What is causation?

Cerebral Palsy can be a devastating injury to a baby, with brain damage, paralysis and developmental delay.  Every child is different, but if your child is not hitting his developmental milestones and you're suspicious it was caused by medical mistakes, call or email us to order one of our free, no obligation books or guides to help your child and your family. 

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In a medical malpractice case in Maryland, (or a medical malpractice case in D.C. and Virginia), causation is the legal term used to determine whether the negligence or malpractice caused the child's injuries and damages.  For example, in a birth injury case, if the health care providers ignored the warning signs of fetal distress, and did not deliver the baby, you can probably prove they were negligent.  Next, you must prove the child's cerebral palsy and brain damage was most likely caused by the malpractice, such as when the health care provider's decisions to ignore the warning signs and not deliver the baby mean the baby continues to suffer from a lack of oxygen.  Sometimes this diagnosis after birth is hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (sometimes abbreviated as HIE) or perinatal asphyxia.  

Birth injury or birth trauma cases require many experts in different medical specialties, such as pediatric neurology, obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, pathology, neuroradiology, neonatology, etc. to prove causation.