Negligent Healthcare Staff Are A Patient's Worst Enemy

A healthy young teenager went in to a D.C. hospital for routine scoliosis surgery and was left blind in one eye.  How did it happen?

The hospital anesthesiologist didn't put his patient's safety first.  Instead of monitoring her pressure and fluids during the surgical procedure, he left to attend to office work during the surgery - not an emergency with another patient, not a fire in the Operating Room, not a terrorist attack, just a few things to do in the office.  Had he been with his patient and monitoring her, he would have recognized a problem during surgery that could have been corrected. Eye of person on sunny day

If he had recognized the problem and attended to the patient, the eye injury that caused blindness during the surgery would have been avoided.  

This Washington, D.C. medical malpractice case was settled after the anesthesiologist's deposition.  It provided for a significant amount to allow the young patient to pursue a first rate education, use the money for anything she needed to adapt and adjust to the blindness in that eye.

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