When You Have a Heavy-Duty Job, A Permanent Injury Could Mean the End of Your CareerWrist Injury at Work Leads to a Permanent Impairment

A university police officer with a heavy-duty job sustained a serious wrist injury when she she had a bad fall at work, which she broke with her wrist.  The injury required two surgeries by a hand specialist and orthopedic surgeon, and she was still left with limited use of the wrist. We also call this a permanent injury.

Because her job duties included carrying a firearm, breaking up fights and altercations, and providing campus security, this worker could not go back to her regular job. After many years of workers compensation benefits in DC, she was able to settle her workers comp claim based on the permanent disability of her arm caused by the injury.  We were able to secure enough money for her to make a work transition since she was not able to return to her regular job, and to pay for any wage loss that would happen because her wrist was no longer functioning fully. And a couple of years later we were able to help her son with a work-related injury!

If You Think You Might Be Permanently Injured, You Need An Experienced Workers Comp Lawyer to Help You!

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