Need a lawyer for a medical malpractice, serious injury or death case? One of the important factors you're considering is experience. Here are some case results for D.C., Maryland and Virginia injury and death cases we handle.

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You or someone in your family need a lawyer because there has been a serious injury or death due to medical malpractice, a serious accident or on the job injury.  Its hard to find the right lawyers for a case that matters so much to you and your family.  

We've published a sample of case results to give you an idea of the kinds of cases we handle.  Every person and every case is different, so these will not apply directly to your situation.  A child with cerebral palsy because of a birth injury has a very different case than a child who lost his mother due to an undiagnosed pulmonary embolism or a child who lost her father due to a worksite accident. 

Because every case is different and to protect our clients' privacy, in most cases, we have not disclosed the amount of the settlement.

Evaluating your situation is personal and we would only be able to specifically evaluate your case after reviewing all of the information and meeting with you.