Rotator Cuff Injury Settlement Makes The Workers Comp Case Worth It 

Sizeable Settlement Makes A Long Case Worth Every Moment

Sometimes the workers' compensation process in D.C. takes way longer than we wish it would. Indeed a serious injury, plus an insurance company that prolongs the process can make for a long case, even if we've gotten you all the medical treatment you need and ongoing benefits, it's hard to have a case hanging over you - you feel like you can't do anything, go anywhere, that the insurance company is watching you (they probably are, by the way).

That's why settlement is even sweeter for those who have been dealing with workers' comp for multiple years, and can finally move on with their lives, with the financial security they deserve.

After a rotator cuff injury at work required surgery, this telecomm specialist with Verizon couldn't return to his regular job - the injury prevented him from lifting ladders overhead to put on the truck and working overhead because of limitations with the shoulder and arm.

He has had to transition to a new career, working inside, and building on the skills he had, and the education he got while he couldn't work (great use of his time).  Long term, he will make more money in a rewarding career, and we're happy his settlement gave him the financial freedom to do it.

Congratulations to a fantastic client, who is definitely a "client for life." We can't wait to see what you do with your newfound freedom!


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