D.C. Delivery Driver Suffers Serious Work Injury After Reckless Driver Hits Him

Last year, a driver pulled out into traffic without looking. In a hurry, distracted, or not paying attention, he chose to just pull out onto a crowded D.C. street.  He never saw the delivery driver on his moped, taking a pizza to a customer in the neighborhood.  The deliveryman was obeying the rules: going less than the speed limit, in his lane of traffic, not texting or talking on the phone - just driving.

When the car hit the moped, the deliveryman was knocked to the ground.  The driver of the car felt the collision but didn't see it.  He had run over the deliveryman's left hand.  So he backed up to see what happened while the deliveryman lay on the pavement, further crushing his left hand under the weight of the car.

Rushed to Washington Hospital Center's orthopedic trauma unit, the deliveryman was taken for emergency surgery to try to salvage the hand (because of the extent of the injuries, doctors discussed a partial amputation).   The trauma surgeon who operated on him said it was one of the worst crush injuries he had seen in 40 years of practicing medicine.  

This deliveryman is one of the toughest people we have had the pleasure of working with.  His settlement will help him provide for his family and find a new line of work.

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