Union Plumber Gets Permanently Injured At Work

A union plumber who hurt his back on the job received a workers' compensation settlement of over half a million dollars. Hurt while lifting a pipe at work, he was not able to return to his regular duty work in construction. He'd had surgery and other treatment but wasn't able to lift and carry the equipment, tools, and materials he once did.

The Plumber Is Repairing the Water Tank and Water Filter.There Wasn't Much For Him To Do, That's Where We Stepped In

He had worked in the trade his whole life and didn't have a lot of options or other work he could do to feed his family.

Before negotiating the settlement, we fought to ensure his workers' compensation benefits continued and he received all of the medical treatment he needed for his work injury for life. Workers' compensation cases usually end in settlements for injured workers who are unable to go back to work, or unable to do their trade.

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