Union apprentice settles D.C. workers compensation case

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A union apprentice injured on the job obtained a significant workers compensation settlement in addition to receiving workers compensation benefits for the last 5 years.  The settlement, achieved following many years of litigation on the young man's behalf,  will allow him the financial security to explore other opportunities and work in a less physically demanding career. 

Like many work injuries, this back injury did not seem serious when it first occurred.  And like many workers, this apprentice tried to just "shake it off" - figuring he would work through the pain and that it would get better.  And he didn't want to stop  working or jeopardize his job and income.  He'd heard what a nightmare the workers compensation system can be - delays and denials by the insurance companies.  The pain finally got too bad to work and his doctor demanded he stay off work.

Thankfully for this worker and his family, he chose to protect his rights.  And we thank him for allowing Donahoe Kearney, LLP to do just that.