A Normal Day Trying To Get To Work Turns Fatal

A negligent driver turned left into oncoming traffic on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C.  She tried to cross three lanes of traffic and beat the light.  She made it past the first two lanes but T-boned a car in the 3rd lane, hitting it while accelerating on the driver's side.  Both cars were totaled.

UntitledThankfully, our client had the presence of mind to get pictures of the damage and the position of the cars before they were towed away. The driver who got hit right on his driver's side door woke up the next day with terrible pain in his left shoulder and pain in his back which traveled down one of his legs. He saw his primary care doctor that day and MRIs were ordered for both the shoulder and back.  Orthopedic and neurosurgery experts confirmed the shoulder had a significant rotator cuff tear and the back involved a herniated disk. Rotator cuff surgery was scheduled within a few weeks of the accident.  A long and painful rehab process followed.  And the herniated disc in the back remained symptomatic, causing numbness and tingling.

Become Familiar With Underinsured Motorist Insurance Policies

The driver who caused all of this had the minimum insurance coverage allowed by D.C. law - $25,000.  It wasn't enough to cover the injuries she caused: the medical expenses, lost income, and pain.  But our client had done exactly what we tell everyone to do. He had purchased uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as part of his own coverage (which protects you when you're hit by a reckless driver without any insurance or without enough insurance to cover the damage caused).

This allowed the victim's insurance company to step in and contribute to the settlement once the other driver's insurance company offered to pay their policy limit. We are glad to say our client is back at work and has made a tremendous recovery. The shoulder is back to normal, but the back is still a problem. The case settled for an undisclosed six-figure amount.

You Have Been A Victim Of A Car Accident With Underinsured/Uninsured Insurance Coverage in DC. What Next?

The key takeaways of this case?  Know what to do after an accident in D.C.  And buy uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage.  It's not expensive and it protects you from all of the bad drivers in the D.C. area who are carrying minimum insurance coverage. Call us today for help with your serious injury case.  After reading our e-book on accidents in the D.C. area (just click on the image on the upper left corner to order your FREE copy) we will review all of your information and schedule a Working Strategy Session to discuss what is best for your case.


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