Benefits Won For Original Work Injury & Offset Injury

After a serious work accident left this construction worker unable to return to work after injury to their right knee, our client needed their workers compensation benefits to pay for their medical treatment and recovery. 

After an arthroscopic surgery, a knee replacement, and a revision of the right knee replacement (the surgeon took out the original replacement knee and put in another one), our client was unlikely to ever work in construction again. 

The constant pain in his right knee meant they constantly favored the left knee, putting increased stress and weight while standing, walking, or even getting in and out of their vehicle. 

The added stress meant eventually, the left knee started bothering them - without any injury or illness.  Their treating orthopedic surgeons injected the left knee to try to control the symptoms, which were due to favoring the right leg.

Naturally, the workers comp insurance doctor said problems with the left knee were from old age, degenerative, arthritis, weight - you name it.  And of course the workers compensation adjuster and insurance company denied to provide medical treatment for the left knee.

After hiring experienced D.C. workers compensation attorney Frank R. Kearney, we submitted the medical evidence neccessary for the judge to rule that the left knee symptoms were caused by favoring the originally injured right knee and the insurance company was liable for paying for medical of both knees.   


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