Settlement for on the job back injury.

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Working as a mechanic since high school and performing heavy lifting and heavy duty work his entire adult life gave this worker many things - a good income, a nice house and the satisfaction of being able to provide for his family.

But that all changed when he had a serious back injury at work.

Thinking it was just a strain or pulled muscle, he tried to shrug it off.  After seeing a neurosurgeon and having an MRI that confirmed herniated discs in his back from lifting heavy equipment at work, it was clear he needed surgery.

The recovery was long and hard, and it became clear he would never return to heavy duty employment again.

After many years of receiving workers comp benefits, his settlement will provide for the future, and provide peace of mind, less stress and less worry now that he has control and doesn't have to worry about whether his check will come or his medical treatment and medications will be authorized by the insurance company (the settlement provides for future medical treatment for the rest of his life).

That's what its all about.


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