Mr. M (we're calling him that to protect his privacy) was a ride share driver, working part time after retiring from a long career who enjoyed working on his own, meeting new people and getting out of the house.

He picked up a rider in Virginia and dropped him off at a restaurant on Capitol Hill.  It was a beautiful early summer evening as he drove back home to Virginia. 

Most of you who drive on 295 or 695 in Washington, D.C. know how dangerous it can be.  The highways are always under construction and filled with drivers speeding, texting and cutting you off. 

While Mr. M. was safely slowing down because traffic was building in front of him, the driver behind him wasn't paying attention and ran into his car.  The other driver was going so fast, it totaled both cars.

Mr. M. was taken to his local hospital.  His injuries weren't life threatening, but he was in serious pain. MRIs and other testing showed the force of the collision pushed out a disc in his back (it felt like his back was broken) but he was determined to get better without surgery.  In good physical shape at age 70, he worked hard in rehab with his doctors and physical therapists, but it wasn't easy.  He needed pain medication and epidural injections to ease the pain so he could continue with the rehab and therapy - it was difficult, time consuming and expensive, not how he imagined retirement.

For his accident case, he wanted an experienced lawyer in D.C. who would listen to him and work with him to get the best settlement for his injuries, and was referred to us by a local lawyer in Virginia that he talked to.

While he was working hard in rehab, we got to work on his case, knowing that the guy who hit him probably didn't have enough insurance to pay for all the damage he did to Mr. H.  We went to work on two insurance companies at the same time - believing the ride share company had additional insurance coverage, called uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.  We were able to prove that this man's damages - his medical expenses, treatment and pain caused by the accident - was a lot more than the policy limits of the driver who hit him. 

You have to make sure you get the best lawyer for your accident case - the wrong lawyer wouldn't have known about the additional insurance coverage or how it could apply, and unfortunately, we see this mistake all the time.

Most of all, we're happy this gentleman is back to enjoying his retirement.




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