Dangerous Driving Causes Serious Injuries for PG County Couple

Retirement had been good to this local P. G. County couple - the husband had worked as a mechanic for Metro and the wife still worked part time in real estate, but mostly they were enjoying travel and their grandkids. A quiet, enjoyable retirement.

But a dangerous driver on the road changed all that.

Out running errands, our couple was stopped at a red light at an intersection when they got slammed from behind by a driver who was speeding and not paying attention.  Even in a nice, big safe car (that had a lot of rear end damage from the accident) they were seriously shaken up, and hurting pretty bad.

The orthopedic injuries to their neck and back meant they couldn't pick up grandkids or enjoy the active lifestyle they had for quite some time.  Although their conditions did not require surgery, they had to go through a lot of rehab and therapy to try and get back to normal. 

With our help, this couple ultimately reached a financial settlement with the other driver's insurance company that paid for all of their rehab, treatment, and any future medical treatment they would need.  They both worked very hard in rehab and on their own to get back as much as they could after the accident - and it showed.

While some things are still physically difficult because of the injuries that driver caused, they are doing much better now than they were after the accident.  And we know they will continue to improve!

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