Store Worker Assaulted in Robbery at Work in DC

A very high end retail store in Washington, D.C. left it's top sales people, mostly women, without security during the day.  The store sells very high-end and expensive goods.  One day, they were robbed by 3 men in broad daylight.

After robbing the store, they over-powered and grabbed the sales manager and threw her to the ground, breaking her arm in several places.  She was taken to Washington Hospital Center, where they performed surgery the next day.  A slow and painful rehab process started, to address the orthopedic injuries - the fractures and damage to the arm. 

But the harms and losses she suffered in the robbery were more difficult - this former top sales manager who was used to making a lot of money helping customers find the best high end goods for their lifestyle, was emotionally devastated. The psychological effects of the traumatic assault - the fear, the dreams, replaying the robbery again and again, were always there. So she did the smart thing, and started seeing a therapist, a mental health professional who could help her work through the serious PTSD she was experiencing. This was critical, because many times we see emotional distress and PTSD also affect the recovery from the physical injuries.

And the sales manager didn't know it yer, but two more orthopedic surgeries would be required to address the physical damage.  

This Injured Worker Needed Workers Compensation To Step In And Help Her Recover

She continued to work hard at her total recovery, every day.  Realizing she could not return to the type of work she did, the sales manager began to explore and research alternative careers. That is always a good idea, and one we encourage our clients to think about early in the process if we believe their injuries may prevent them from returning to their regular type of work.

Her case then became a financial asset to give her a new start - a new career, maybe a new place to live.  And for all of our clients, we want to try to settle their case when it's best from them.  And for this sales manager, we're happy that the settlement gave her freedom to breathe - to do some of the things she wanted to do. She deserved it.

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