When You Work Heavy Duty in Washington DC You Never Know What Is Going to Happen

This client was at work as a construction worker on a roadside. When he went to work that day, he imagined this day was going to be like any other day. He was a good worker, dependable. He was a realiable breadwinner, providing for his family. All of that was put in jeopardy when he was seriously injured on the job.

 As he was setting up the safety signs (and was wearing his bright safety gear) a car came barreling down the street and hit him. Our client went flying and fractured his knee, broke his ankle and sustained a concussion. 

The driver who hit him was high on a cocktail of PCP. He tried to do a hit and run but he ran into a tree. Carlos’ coworkers chased him down, dragged him out of the car, and beat him up a little bit. He deserved it. 

The driver was later arrested.

Our client was on the ground and was in and out of consciousness. The ambulance came for him; he woke up briefly on the stretcher and the next time he woke up he was in the hospital. He had bad orthopedic injuries. He was later treated by a specialist and referred to surgery but the insurance company just kept delaying it. His wife contacted us after they cut off his benefits. 

Sometimes when an insurance company finds out how expensive a claim is really going to be because you need surgery, they find a reason to deny the claim entirely. But his is no pushover and she wasn’t going to stand for them treating her husband like that. 

We stepped in and kept his income steady and medical treatment ongoing while he was out of work. When he was done with medical treatment, we settled his case for an amount that would allow him to transition to a different career.

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