Settlement for Passenger of T-Bone Collision in DC

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Passenger Injured in DC Crash 

A passenger was in the back seat, on her way to an appointment, when the driver of an SUV blew through a stop sign on a residential street in Washington, D.C. The SUV was hit by oncoming traffic (that had the right of way) and spun around.  The passenger's laptop and other belongings went flying.

Witnesses to the crash called an Ambulance and the passenger was taken to a local D.C. hospital to get treatment for her injuries.  Thankfully, she was wearing a seatbelt  a lot of back seat passengers don't, or don't think it's necessary) and that prevented more serious injuries from the crash.

Our passenger followed up with her doctors and worked hard in therapy to recover - she had to, since she is a music teacher in a DC school and her kids depended on her to be there for them.  She didn't let the accident and injuries get in the way of helping those kids.

After investigating the case and allowing enough time for the recovery period, the teacher received a settlement she described as "wonderful" because we took care of everything for her, taking away all of the stress and uncertainty of the situation, so she could focus on getting back to teaching and performing.

And as you'd expect from a teacher, this client did her homework and started the process off right - by ordering a copy of our guide to accident cases in DC, Maryland and Virginia!  So she understood the process right from the beginning.

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