Restaurant Owner Was Struggling After A Bad Work Accident. We Were Able to Double His Benefits And Get Him A Great Settlement.

The manager and owner of a small D.C. restaurant broke both ankles after a fall at work.  His workers comp insurance paid for his medical bills and began paying his benefits - but it wasn't much to live on.  He struggled to go back to work in the restaurant, but was in constant pain.  He couldn't do his job and had to sell the restaurant.

But he ordered a copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide to D.C. Workers Compensation, and that changed everything.

You see, once we reviewed all his wage records, we determined the insurance company had not included tips in calculating the wages his workers comp benefits were based on - and we were able to more than double his benefit rate!

And even though he sold the restaurant before he came to us, we obtained medical evidence that he could no longer work in that job, so requested a hearing for ongoing and future workers comp benefits (at double the rate he was paid before - plus the underpayment and penalties for the underpayment).

The insurance company settled just before the hearing.  It was an incredible turn around for this gentleman, who will also get lifetime medical treatment for his injuries as part of the deal.


Frank R. Kearney, Attorney-at-Law
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