MedStar Nurse Wins Worker's Compensation Benefits In D.C. After A Back Injury

For some reason, hospitals fight workers comp cases really hard when their employees get hurt working at the hospital, doing physical, demanding and important work for patients.  And it doesn't matter whether you are a doctor, nurse, tech or custodian - Medstar won't believe that you are hurt or that it happened at work.

Medstar Nurse Slips and Falls While Working in the Hospital

This OR nurse (we won't publish her name to protect her privacy) had just finished a serious trauma surgical case.  Coming out of the OR, she slipped and fell because someone had spilled something on the floor.  A renowned Medstar surgeon saw her fall and helped her up.

A true nurse, she grabbed a towel to wipe up the floor so noone else would get hurt.

She went down hard on the tile floor and tried to rest, stretch and use heat, ice and NSAIDs for the next few days while she was off, but the pain in her back and hip didn't go away.  At her next shift, she reported the injury to Medstar's Occupational Health - and they denied her claim.

Medstar Occupational Health Denied her claim and sent her to Medstar physicians

In DC workers compensation, you have the absolute right to choose your own doctor after you get hurt at work - you do not have to go to a doctor the insurance company or Occupational Health sends you to.

But our nurse knew and trusted the Medstar doctors she was seeing.  And they consistently ordered her to not work or to work light duty while she was in rehab for her back injury.

Medstar's Occupational Health Did Not Believe Her Medstar Physicians

But Medstar's Occupational Health did not believe their own doctors who certified the nurse could not work as a result of her injury, and that she needed additional medical care.

So they sent her to a notorious insurance doctor for an IME - Dr. Louis Levitt, the go to insurance doctor for most workers comp insurance companies in D.C. Even he agreed she was hurt at work, but he didn't agree with the treatment her Medstar specialists (who actually treat patients instead of do insurance exams)

The judge saw right through that - after great testimony from our well prepared, confident nurse (we have a specific process for making you feel confident and in control in these cases) and all of the medical evidence we presented, the judge awarded everything the nurse was entitled to.

That means her back injury won't affect her family financially, and she will get the medical treatment she needs to continue her career as an OR nurse, a calling she absolutely loves and is great at.

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