DC Area Pharmacy Makes A Critical Error When Filling A PrescriptionMedical Malpractice Settlement with a DC Area Pharmacy

A patient with chronic liver disease and associated complex underlying medical problems was prescribed Amiloride, a diuretic used to manage and prevent fluid accumulation.  After taking the medication for a period of time, he developed shortness of breath and was taken to a Washington, D.C. hospital where he was later admitted. He was found to have buildup in the lungs and chest. A thoracentisis was performed and 2 liters of fluid were removed from his chest.

The Wrong Medication Results In Serious Bodily Harm In DC

The patient's local pharmacy had filled his prescription with Amplodine rather than Amiloride. Amplodine, a calcium channel blocker, is contraindicated for patients with these underlying medical conditions.  It likely contributed to the increased fluid accumulation and complications of that required a hospital stay, thoracentisis, and delayed revision of a shunt that had been scheduled.  

The pharmacy agreed to a settlement prior to litigation.

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