A Child Dependent on a Respirator Tragically Dies

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How Does Medical Malpractice Happen in Maryland?

When a Maryland nurse violates a Patient Safety Rule - just doesn't do her job of monitoring a patient, in this case a child who was ventilator dependent - the consequences for the child patient can be fatal.

In this Maryland medical malpractice case, the child had a genetic disorder that made it difficult to breathe on his own at times so he was provided with a home health nurse to monitor his condition. Her duties were to clean his tracheal tube, check to make sure his airway was clear, and make sure the ventilator was working properly when he needed supplemental oxygen. 
Those were the nurses responsibilities.

But the health agency sent an inexperienced nurse, one who hadn't worked with ventilator-dependent children.  After cleaning the child, the nurse did not attach the ventilator monitor (an alarm would go off if the oxygen saturation fell below a certain level).  Then she left the child alone.

The mother came home to find the nurse in the kitchen and her young child in respiratory distress. Despite CPR and being rushed to the hospital, the child tragically died.

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