Carla Didn't Give Up When Sedgwick Denied Her Claim and Tried To Limit Her BenefitsKnee Injuries At Work in Washington DC

Carla tripped and fell at work, which can happen to anyone, and sustatined serious injuries to both her knees. Because of the pain in her knees she was unable to get around wihtout the assistance of a cane or wheelchair. Overtime, she also develped pain in her shoulder from what's called "overuse to compensate for an injury."

Sedgwick the workers compensation insurance company tried to deny her benefits of course. But we kept her benefits coming steady and her medical treatment authorized.

Thankfully Carla improved over time with physical therapy for both her knee and shoulder pain but she had a long, difficult road. She weathered it like a champion, however - taking each day as it comes, doing what she needed to do to get better, and taking her challenges in stride.

Carla ended up having a permanent impairment on her legs, shoulders and arms and we fought to get her a the most compensation she could get for her injuries. 

Carla was happy with the compensation we got for her as evidence by her big smile when she came to pick up her check.


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