Hotel worker who slipped and fell at work in DC required 3 knee surgeries and settled her DC workers compensation claim

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Hotel Worker's Injury Requires 3 SurgeriesHotel Server's Fall At Work Results In Comp Claim Settlement

Working as a banquet server for a large hotel chain in Washington, D.C. is a heavy duty job.  Servers work large events and banquets, setting up and breaking down the tables and chairs for the event, setting up bar and bussing stations, carrying trays of food and drinks that weigh 50 pounds or more, clearing dishes, runiing up and down stairs, and of course being on your feet for the whole shift in a fast paced, production environment.

It's a great way to make money for a lot of people, but it is a very physical job.  When a woman with nearly 20 years experience got hurt on the job, here is what happened:

First despite working long hours for many years, management and the workers comp division didn't believe her - they questioned everything, even though she fell on her knee at work.  Then they delayed her medical treatment, telling her to "work through" the injury.  She wanted to keep working but knew her knee was getting worse.

She didn't even want to get a lawyer for her workers comp case.  But she knew they weren't treating her right.

Then she came to us.

Despite The Severity Of The Fall, The Hotel Worker Still Got Her Case Settled

After that, she was seeing the right specialists for the injury, which was more serious than originally thought.  Two arthroscopic surgeries were needed to address the knee symptoms, plus a lot of therapy and rehab. Unfortunately, her condition progressed and she needed a total knee replacement.

Because of the injuries, she could not return to work as a server, and that is always difficult to come to terms with, for anyone who is seriously injured.

Her settlement with the national hotel company provides up front money for her lost income and for all of her future medical care and treatment paid by her employer.

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