Fractured Pelvis From Serious Fall At Work Results in Great Workers Comp SettlementDC Settlement After Fractured Pelvis at Work

A worker in DC tripped and fell over an unsafe condition - power cords that were not taped down.  The fall caused a fractured pelvis, requiring hospitalization and extensive inpatient rehab at a special facility where she learned to walk and care for herself, working on strengthening and mobility.  But due to the pain and limitations after the fall, she could not return to work - her job involved a lot of walking and standing.

After we made sure all of her medical treatment was paid for by the workers compensation insurance company, and she received all of the benefits while she could not work, we turned our attention to trying to get her a settlement that would provide for a nice retirement, since she was getting close to retirement age and it would be hard to find work she enjoyed and could do with her physical limitations.

After several months of negotiations, we were able to get a workers comp settlement that paid for all of her future medical treatment she would need for her injuries, and a lump sum amount of money this worker can now use to travel with her husband and family.

That's what its all about!


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