Fall Down Stairs Causes Serious Ankle Injury in Washington, DCSettlement After Work Fall Caused Serious Nerve Damage

Many offices in D.C. have open staircases or spiral staircases and these are in both new and older buildings. And many professionals working in DC have to dress for success - usually coat and tie for men and for women that often means wearing professional heels. An executive at a Washington, D.C. association was working in one of those office buildings when she was hurt on the job.

Most people working in an office setting don't think much about getting hurt at work. But anyone who works in D.C. knows it is a fast-paced, production oriented working environment.  So it's no surprise that a busy professional on her way to a meeting with a stack of  paperwork got her heel caught on a staircase and fell down the stairs.

Even Though She Is Not a Heavy-Duty Worker, She Still Needed Workers Compensation Help in DC

The fall caused a serious ankle injury - at first, she thought it was just a bad sprain and so did her doctors. But the pain in the ankle kept getting worse. Pretty soon, her doctors were recommending surgery.  She was worried and stressed about her medical care, income and the lasting affects of this injury at work. So this professional did a really smart thing - she ordered a copy of our book Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide to D.C. Workers Comp (and read it!)

So she was ready for the workers comp insurance company. Like so many other people we help, she had never been through the process and never thought she'd need a lawyer.

Her doctors ordered physical therapy and put her in a CAM walking boot.  But an MRI showed a partial tear of a ligament and tendon. Unfortunately, this worker developed tarsal tunnel syndrome, and required a surgery known as a tarsal tunnel decompression, as well as more physical therapy and injections.  

We Had To Fight To Get Her Treatment Authorized And Fought For a Sizeable Settlement

So when the workers comp insurance denied her medical treatment, we fought to get it for her, made sure she got benefits when she recuperated and that she could work light duty as her rehab progressed.  And when she was ready to change jobs, a sizable settlement for her injuries gave her a nice nest egg to make that happen.

Our Experienced Workers Comp Lawyers Can Help You, Too With a Work Accident. 

If you meet someone who is facing the stress, anxiety and worry over a work injury and the workers comp system -  help them get started by ordering our FREE, no obligation book today Protect Your Rights, The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers CompensationOr if you need help and you're ready to talk to a lawyer today contact us right now at 202-393-3320 to get started. Our guarantee is that we will give you some information you can use right away. 



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