When Doctor's Neglect The Well-Being Of The Mother, The Baby Is Also At Risk

One of the rules of obstetrics or maternal fetal medicine requires the doctor to promote maternal and fetal (mom and baby) well being.  One of the ways this is done is by monitoring the mother's blood pressure because high blood pressure can be a warning sign of a serious medical condition for both mother and infant called pre-eclampsia.

A Maryland jury found the doctor did not follow the rules for treating a pregnant woman with high blood pressure, resulting in the death of her child.

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No mother should ever have to go through the loss of her baby, especially when it was due to something as preventable and treatable as pre-eclampsia. If you believe that the death of a child was due to negligence on the part of a doctor or facility, contact our experienced wrongful death lawyers right now. We will help you take the next steps in discovering if negligence was a factor in your child's tragedy, and give you clear guidance on what you should do next. 202-393-3320. You'll speak to a real person who wants to hear your story.


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