This Skilled Worker in DC Was Unable To Go Back To Work After An Injury That Ended His CareerDC Workers Comp Settlement for Permanent Injury

An electrician who had been in the trade over 30 years, had his share of minor injuries on job sites but was always able to "walk it off" and keep working.  But when a co-worker who wasn't trained caused a large metal pole to fall on him while he was working, there was no way he could continue to work in the trade.

He was skilled in his craft. He could fix just about everything - cars, home repairs and renovations, any type of construction - in addition to being a top electrician. He was used to working hard and providing for his family. He was eager to get back to work.

But the force of that pole caused a herniated disk in his neck when it hit him.  Radiculopathy (numbness and tingling) running into his arms and pain, weakness and nerve pain meant he could not return to work as an electrician - he just could not do the work, physically or safely, any longer.  We did everything we could to bring him back to good, but unfortunately his maximum medical improvement fell short of what he needed to go back to work. His doctors confirmed his injuries and work restrictions over a long period of time. He had a permanent injury.

His settlement allows him to retire comfortably and provides lifetime medical care for his injuries, so he has peace of mind.  He'd prefer to keep working if he could, since he loved the work he was doing, but the significant settlement now gives him the freedom to do other things he has wanted to do but never had the chance.


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