Benefits Won For an Original Injury and an Offset Injury

A construction worker hurt his right knee on the job in 2007.  He had arthroscopic surgery, a knee replacement and a revision of the right knee replacementDC Workers Compensation Settlements (the surgeon took out the original replacement knee and put in another one).

Because of the pain and stress on the injured knee, he constantly favored it.  He relied on his left leg and knee for standing, going up stairs one at a time and getting in and out of his work truck.

Eventually, the left knee started bothering him - without any injury or illness.  His treating orthopedic surgeons injected the left knee to try to control the symptoms, which were due to favoring the right leg.

Naturally, the workers comp insurance doctor said problems with the left knee were from old age, degenerative, arthritis, being heavy - you name it.  And of course the workers compensation adjuster and insurance company denied to provide medical treatment for the left knee.

The judge ruled the left knee symptoms were caused by favoring the originally injured right knee and the injured worker will have medical treatment covered for both knees.   


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