D.C. Medical Malpractice Verdict for young man with cerebral palsy

A District of Columbia jury held a physician accountable for violating patient safety rules in treating a pregnant woman.  The doctor failed to diagnose or treat an infection that led to premature rupture of membranes and the baby being born prematurely, before his lungs had developed.

As a result of the prematurity, the baby suffered cerebral palsy.  A young man now, he is paralyzed and cannot live independently because of his cerebral palsy.  

During this D.C. medical malpractice trial, Keith Donahoe and Frank Kearney proved that had the doctor followed basic patient safety rules and treated the infection with antibiotics, the pregnancy would have been prolonged and the baby would not have been born prematurely. 

This would have avoided the serious complications of cerebral palsy.

Once the D.C. jury found the doctor responsible for his actions, they determined an amount that would adequately address the harms the doctor caused and fund the medical care, supervision and equipment the young man needs.